World Biomaterials Societies

The European Society for Biomaterials became a member of The International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Sciences and Engineering (IUS-BSE) at its conception in 1979.
The International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering (IUSBSE) is a body that brings together national and multi-national groups dedicated to the advancement of biomaterials, surgical implants, prosthetics, artificial organs, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
The other member societies of IUS-BSE, are:

Affiliated Societies

National biomaterial societies are officially affiliated to the European Society, namely:

Benefits to national societies:

  • The ESB website has links to the websites of all the affiliated national societies.
  • ESB affiliated societies have priority over other non-affiliated national societies in the organisation of the ESB conferences.
  • ESB affiliated national societies have access to a booth at the ESB Conference to improve their communication with their members and others.
  • ESB affiliated national societies get the endorsement of ESB for their activities, which may help with acquiring funding and sponsorship for their meetings.

Sister Societies

The ESB integrates scientific knowledge by coordinated relations with other European Societies, namely:

Members of these societies may be eligible for discounted ESB conference rates. This is at the discretion of local ESB conference organizing committee or following specific agreements (e.g., joint scientific sessions) between the ESB and sister societies.

In addition the ESB has relations with: