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I’m a young investor, 33 years old who has studied management, economics and marketing. I have been sporting my whole life. I've been representing the Netherlands playing European cups and World cups and have been selected as MVP Europe in my younger years. I was one of the 11 members who have been selected to be part of the EADP; European American Football Development Program. A sportprogram to prepare talents to achieve their potential mentally and physically. I’m also an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and very interested in the added value of the blockchain to our society. I started my interest in biomaterials for a couple of years when i started researching the potential of artificial technology in sports. I'm exploring the use of biomaterials combined with artificial technology to reach the physical and mental mindset which is needed to achieve the ultimate sportsman. Interested in biomaterials, ANS, BCI and ML.


My expertise are analytics, coaching and sales. I'm reaching to develop ultimate ways of personal coaching to achieve any goal in life. “If you can think it you can achieve it”


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