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Biomaterials Science is an international high impact journal exploring the science of biomaterials and their translation towards clinical use. Its scope encompasses new concepts in biomaterials design, studies into the interaction of biomaterials with the body, and the use of materials to answer fundamental biological questions. Papers do not necessarily need to report a new biomaterial, but should provide novel insight into the biological applications of the biomaterial.

Biomaterials Science publishes primary research and review-type articles in the following areas:

  • molecular design of biomaterials, including translation of emerging chemistries to biomaterials
  • science of cells and materials at the nanoscale and microscale
  • materials as model systems for stem cell and human biology
  • materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • (Nano)materials and (nano)systems for therapeutic delivery
  • interactions at the biointerface
  • biologically inspired and biomimetic materials, including bio-inspired self-assembly systems and cell-inspired synthetic tools
  • next-generation biomaterials tools and methods
Biomaterials Science Journal
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