Rudolf Cimdins Scholarships

Rudolf Cimdins Scholarships

This scholarship is given by the ESB council and covers the full ESB conference registration fee of students (Bachelor, Master or PhD) who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference, as they have to travel a very long distance or come from a poorly funded country/group = Human Development Index (HDI) < 0.850.

The recipients of the scholarship still need to pay the registration fee, but they will be reimbursed after the conference, after sending the invoice of the registration fee to the ESB treasurer.

Recipients are announced at the closing ceremony of the ESB conference.

To apply, candidates should complete the application form (here).

The deadline for the application for this scholarship is the 31st of May each year when ESB conference is held. No application is possible in the year the World Congress of Biomaterials takes place.

Nominations should be sent to