International Award

International Award

The International Award is a prestigious recognition by the ESB of scientists who have generally spent their career outside Europe, who have been internationally recognised, have a high scientific profile, and have made major contributions to the field of biomaterials. Strong evidence of collaborations with members of our scientific community in Europe throughout their career is expected.

This award is given by the ESB council and consists of a plaque, refund of the registration fee for the conference, accommodation at the conference hotel for the duration of the conference and economy class airplane or train ticket.

George Winter awardees are not eligible for the International award (and vice versa).

The following information must accompany each nomination:

  • Name, email, address, and affiliation of the nominating ESB member.
  • Name, email, address, and affiliation of the nominee.
  • A Curriculum Vitae of the nominee (maximum 3 pages), including education, membership of professional organizations, major honors/funding received, the main field of professional activity, and a list of the 10 most relevant publications. 
  • A statement describing the reason for nomination.

The deadline for the nomination is the Friday, 29th of December, 2023. 

International Award 2024 – Nomination

Nominations must be done online at