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YSF Logo Design Contest


The YSF-ESB board is happy to announce the YSF logo design contest. We are European young scientists passionate about biomaterials, let’s find a logo that will give us identity and we will be proud to use!

Terms and conditions:

  1. Logo entries should be submitted by email to .
  2. The deadline for entries is 15 December 2022.
  3. The full name ‘Young Scientist Forum of the European Society for Biomaterials’ might be hard to nicely fit into the logo design. Hence, the logo should contain either: (1) ‘Young Scientist Forum’ and ‘ESB’ acronym or (2) just both acronyms, i.e. ‘YSF’ and ‘ESB’. There are no color/format restrictions however, the logo should look good when presented together with the ESB logo ( This does not mean that it has to contain the ESB logo or part of it.
  4. Logo design entries will be judged based on the following criteria: 1. relevance (20%), 2. originality (20%), 3. versatility (20%), 4. simplicity (20%), and 5. aesthetics/match with the ESB logo (20%).
  5. The prize is €150 and a certificate. The money will be transferred to the account provided by the winner.
  6. Designs must be submitted in *.PNG or *.TIFF format with high resolution. Color and black & white versions should be included.
  7. Logo designs must be original and cannot violate any copyrights. Submitting individuals will be held accountable for any issues that may involve intellectual property violations.
  8. IP: all submitted designs will become the property of the Young Scientist Forum of the European Society for Biomaterials. YSF-ESB reserves the right to make minor necessary adjustments to the winning design to meet any technical requirements that may occur.
  9. The organizers (YSF-ESB) reserve the right to terminate the Contest without selecting a winner. In such a case, the Contest might be re-opened for additional submissions.

Photo Contest

Can your research be captured in an appealing scientific photo? You can now participate in our Scientific Image Competition! Each month, one will be selected to be represented on the ESB website for making your research more visible to the whole community.


  • applicants should be students, PhD candidates, postdocs, or technicians.
  • only one image per participant is allowed
  • the subject matter of the competition images is very flexible, but it should reflect research in Biomaterials and/or Tissue Engineering
  • editing is allowed but the image should depict a real "object"
  • the entry must be sent by email as high resolution .tiff, .jpeg or.png file (ideally minimum resolution of 2 megapixel/200 dpi, if the instrument allows it)
  • the entry must be sent together with the filled application form (Image Competition form.docx) to (if needed, you can use a file transfer service e.g. WETransfer / Surf Filesender)

*The awarded image will be posted on the ESB website.