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Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S), University of Porto, Portugal


Cláudia Martins concluded her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from University of Porto (Portugal) in 2023, under a partnership with the University of Nottingham (UK) and University of Louvain (Belgium), and is currently a Junior Postdoctoral Researcher at Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S) under the EU-funded GENEGUT project. In recent years, Cláudia Martins has taken on the role of visiting researcher at different academia (ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Queen's University Belfast (UK), University of Nottingham (UK), University of Louvain (Belgium)) and industrial (MyBiotech GmbH (Germany)) institutions. Some of her current areas of interest include biomaterials, targeted cancer nanomedicine, brain drug delivery and tissue engineering. Cláudia Martins has developed an extensive work in these areas since 2015, which resulted in a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship, participation in 7 R&D projects, and a Co-PI grant scheme funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). She has so far published >20 articles in international peer reviewed journals (first-author, last-author, co-author) and 5 book chapters, authored >40 communications in international conferences and was awarded 22 distinctions (including the prestigious 2023 Galenus Technology Prize and the 2019 Nano2Clinic COST Action Early Career Investigator Award). The scientific journey of Cláudia Martins has involved her participation in various societies (e.g., Controlled Release Society (CRS), American Association for Cancer Research, European Association for Cancer Research), technical committee activities (e.g., current Chair of the CRS Young Scientist Committee), and outreach initiatives (co-coordination of Pint of Science Portugal).


Biomaterials, biomaterial surface functionalization strategies; Biorelevant in vitro cell models to predict drug bioavailability; Cell-biomaterial interaction; Development of colloidal drug delivery systems; Molecular and cellular biology; Nanomedicine/personalized nanomedicines; Pharmaceutical nanotechnology and nanoscience, controlled release formulations; Targeted drug delivery/Functional targeting.



Company/lab : Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S), University of Porto, Portugal

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Phone : +351 226 074 900

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