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I am Amarjeet Singh, working as a research scholar under the guidance of Dr. Uma Batra. My research area is to develop Mg based materials for orthopedic applications. Since, the corrosion rate of Mg alloys is beyond the acceptability limit of the body, we need to coat the Mg substrate with coatings with functionalization characteristics. I am also working on the design and development of superhydrophobhic and self healing coatings.


I am having expertise in the field of Mg alloys with sound properties. I have prepared Master alloys of Mg with Zn, Ca and Ag. I have done 3 consultancy projects in the field of reaction kinetics of Some metal carbides reacts with nitrogen. I am also the senior most student of the Bio materials Lab having Sophisticated instruments like DSC, FTIR, High temperature Vacuum furnace, Electrochemical Workstation, UV-Vis spectroscopy. our lab is also having the mechanical characterization facilities like Servo-hydraulic dynamic UTM, Zeiss Inverted Microscope and Stereozoom microscopy.


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Company/lab : Biomaterials Lab

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